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Veterans Resource Centers of America

(aka) Vietnam Veterans Of California

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PO Box 378
Santa Rosa,  CA 95402
Phone: 707-578-2785

Iraq / Afghanistan veterans, veterans of all eras and their families received care and counseling for major physical and mental health injuries, substantial barriers to self-sufficiency.

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Real Life Story

Ms. M, 27, is an Army veteran and mother who fell into addiction after leaving the service. Soon her habit progressed to the point that she became homeless, and Child Protective Services took her infant son into custody. The court ordered her into drug treatment.

Ms. M arrived at Sacramento Veterans Resource Center (SVRC), a division of Vietnam Veterans of California, Inc., in the fall of 2006. She entered our 22-bed behavioral health treatment center and began receiving a wide array of services, including drug treatment, individual psychotherapy, parenting classes, and anger management classes. She worked hard and complied with all of her court ordered responsibilities. Soon she was able to have supervised visits with her young son.

In early spring of 2007, she graduated from the treatment program. She was assigned an employment case manager, and was moved into our specialized transitional housing for women veterans. She was provided with transportation assistance, clothing for interviews, and continued support groups for her recovery. Her visits with her son increased. In the fall of 2007, Ms. M began school full-time to become a pharmacy technician, and in 2008 was awarded full custody of her son, now two years old.

Ms. M is an A student with four months to go in her education. She and her son continue to live at SVRC, and she will celebrate two years of sobriety this month.

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