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Military Families Receive Free Mental Health Care - Give An Hour

(aka) Give An Hour Nonprofit Corporation

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5137 Westpath Way
Bethesda,  Ma 20816
Phone: 240-668-4365

Military personnel, veterans, and families receive free, confidential counseling from volunteer mental health professionals for PTS, TBIs, depression, anxiety, and other invisible wounds of war.

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Real Life Story

A military spouse sent Give an Hour the following testimonial:

When my husband came home from his 5th deployment he finally recognized everything I had been saying for the past 6 years and decided to seek help. The Army mental health system is so bogged down they could only see him once every 2 months since he was not high risk i.e., he wasn't engaging in binge drinking or beating me or the kids. However, he exhibited extreme examples of PTSD suffering and was self-medicating so I went on the offensive and started looking for resources away from the military and stumbled onto Give an Hour. We were connected with a wonderful woman who assisted us in the reconnection process. We finally let our defenses down because we were no longer looking at home a year, gone a year like it has been the past 11 years. She helped us to take time to simply adjust. Give an Hour is a wonderful organization and it is an amazing thing you are doing. I advocate for this service EVERY chance I get! "

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