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Dedicated to educating Marines to become the leading minds in security, anti-terrorism, warfighting, and defense policy in conflict zones worldwide & equip them with the critical thinking skills that will enable them to achieve success.

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Success Story

In Jan 2019 2nd Platoon of Company F 2/23 traveled to Corregidor Island, Philippines for a professional military education event sponsored by the Marine Corps University Foundation.

Arriving at the ferry terminal in Manila, the platoon excitedly loaded a ferry. Thy were greeted by their tour guides who broke them in to small groups allowing for a very personal explanation of the events taking place on Corregidor during World War II. They learned of the attacks on the island which led Gen. Douglas MacArthur famously declaring “…I will return.” They learned of the conditions placed upon captured POWs which included a forced diet containing only 700 calories and harsh living conditions. They also learned the history 4th Marine Regiment on the island, our battalion’s current parent command. In the afternoon all hands boarded a ferry to return to Manila, starting 2nd Platoon’s long journey back to their base.

Marines and sailors, young and old, provided great feedback as to the value of the event. LCpl Ferren was taken aback by the sheer volume of ordnance used throughout the battle. He commented that Corregidor island was “…so heavily bombed that no foliage remained. They used planes to re-seed the island”. Other Marines commented on how little known Corregidor 1s among our current generation and yet they felt its importance in Marine Corps History could not be overstated.

None of this would have been possible without the generous contribution from MCUF. The Marines and Sailors of 2nd Platoon say their deployment to the Philippines was directly impacted by this event. Thank you to all the donors and sponsors who made this possible.


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