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Special Forces Family Fund

(aka) Special Forces Charitable Trust

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PO Box 53
Essex,  CT 06426
Phone: 860-767-1510

In a Special Forces family, every member serves. Support SF families before, during, and after each soldier's deployment through community events, tuition assistance, family care.

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Special Forces Charitable Trust(Green Berets)strives to provide meaningful and lasting support to the Special Forces Community and their families. The demand placed on these quiet professionals is more than most can imagine. Their specialized training and enduring work ethic makes them an invaluable resource to our nation's protection. Along with that dedicated service comes great sacrifice. Those sacrifices are not only made by these brave soldiers but most often by those they have to leave behind when deployed.Our programs include scholarships to the children and spouses' of Special Forces to attend school or continued job training. This often provides an opportunity for family members to finish school or find a meaningful career that enriches their lives and makes their time a part a little easier. We work with all Special Forces to make sure that after they have left active duty they are able to transition to civilian life. Whether that is helping to navigate issues with the VA or transition assistance after military service, Special Forces Charitable Trust will stand and support each Green Beret as needed. The heart of what we do is not easily summed up in words but is best illustrated by our continued support of activities for the soldiers and their families. Through sponsoring moral events like organization days, holiday festivities and resiliency programs we try to make the moments apart easier to cope with and make the moments they have together memorable. Our greatest job is taking care of those that take care of our nation. Please join our family in support of their families because…In a military family, we all serve.

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