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Angel Airlines for PTS Recovery

(aka) Mercy Medical Angels

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4620 Haygood Road
Suite 1
Virginia Beach,  VA 23455
Phone: 888-206-7030

Providing charitable air travel for wounded warriors to specialized counseling and treatment, we ensure every opportunity for the finest treatment for our heroes.

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Real Life Story

Angel Airlines for PTSD Recovery Helps Veteran Soar Above Challenges

Chuck served in the Marines as a military working dog handler. In 2010, during a clearance operation in Afghanistan, an IED blast injured him and a fellow Marine. Chuck had shrapnel in his neck, face, and eardrum, and was diagnosed with a concussion.

He was granted a 30-day leave. But he was short-tempered and detached. Doctors diagnosed him with moderate TBI (traumatic brain injury) and severe PTSD.

In 2012, Chuck and his family moved to Hampton, Virginia. He adopted a dog, named Shandi, from one of the units he'd overseen as a handler in Afghanistan. Chuck was hired as a dog trainer with the Department of Homeland Security. But despite treatment, the invisible wounds continued to plague him.

One afternoon in October 2013, Chuck and his wife, Elizabeth, saw a news program on TV that described an innovative treatment for PTSD and TBI - hyperbaric oxygen therapy. His wife Elizabeth motivated him to pursue treatment.

Travel to the treatment center would only add to the cost. Angel Airlines for PTSD Recovery would provide the flight.

On his return home, Chuck's family immediately noted his transformation. His sense of humor returned, and he wasn't as prone to mood swings.

The family now lives in Baltimore and hopes their story will help other veterans get past the stigma of PTSD.

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