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Silver Star Families of America

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525 Cave Hollow Rd.
Clever,  MO 65631
Phone: 417-743-2508

Help those that have helped us all so much. Donate towards the combat wounded, ill and injured of our Armed forces. Rest assured that at least 95% of each donated dollar helps honor and recognize these valued men and women and our American way of life.

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Real Life Story

A beautiful day in Owatonna MN became one of the most incredible days of my life. I traveled from Illinois to participate in a banner presentation ceremony with Diana, Co-Founder of the Silver Star Families Of America Organization. As we arrived at the American Legion it was overflowing with people. After the introduction I read the Governor's Proclamation for the Veterans Day Ceremony, Diana gave a speech and read a poem. Each name was called as the banners and certificates were presented to the past war's wounded veterans. Following this emotional ceremony we went to a nursing home to make a presentation. As we arrived we spoke to the veteran's wife. We were told he had served in Germany liberating those in the Dachau Concentration Camp. I was in awe; I had to compose myself before continuing. My father was a Holocaust Survivor, he was liberated at Dachau. Did this man liberate my father? Did he liberate my uncle and grandfather? The room became quiet, I held my breath, Diana steadied me as I explained through tears that my father was in Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dittahau, and Dachau. My aunt survived Treblinka, their brother, sister, and my grandmother Rochelle, my namesake, did not survive Auschwitz. Following the presentation, holding hands, we said a prayer. Because of him I was there, he helped save my family, he was my hero. We had to leave, but it wasn't easy. My passion with Silver Star Families grew stronger and deeper that day.

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